Local specialties

Gostišče pri Tonetu Svenšku

This inn has a long tradition, and it swears by authentic local flavors. Their menu always features local specialties, such as meat from tunka (meat preserved in lard), homemade sausages, delicacies from horse meat, and sweet treats, such as ognjiščna potica (cottage cheese roll) and ajdova pogača (buckwheat cake).


Gostišče pri Tonetu Svenšku

Zadružni trg 13

2250 Ptuj

T:+ 386 (0)41 764 407

   + 386 (0)2 788 56 83

+ marjeta.svensek@telemach.net

+ www.gostisce-svensek.si


Opening hours


- Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 10 PM

- Sundays and holidays from 8 Am to 10 PM

Closed: 1.1.