Top 5

museums and galleries

  1. Rich Roman history

Ptuj is a town with a rich Roman history, and lucky for you, you can explore it for free and outdoors. Visit Slovenski trg with the Orpheus Monument and the first open-air lapidarium in Slovenia, or (only upon booking) take a tour of Mithraeum III, which was discovered near the Ptuj thermal springs.


  1. A collection of musical instruments with exceptional artifacts

Visit the museum in Ptuj Castle, which has a large collection of musical instruments of national importance. Some 300 instruments include a rarity of international fame – a Roman tibia from the 2nd or 3rd century. The exhibition is completed with an extensive collection of music sheets and materials presenting the rich history of music in Ptuj.


  1. The largest collection of arms

Castle’s Romanesque festival hall from the 12th century holds a collection of over 500 pieces of various arms, ranging from cold steel arms, firearms, hunting and sport weapons, and other protective equipment from the 15th to 20th centuries. The exhibit also includes provincial mercenaries’ suits of armor from the 16th century, and five cannons that rank among the oldest artillery weapons preserved in Slovenia.


  1. The world of traditional carnival masks

The carnival is one of the largest local celebrations with a very long history, so it is not surprising that we are famous for the number and variety of our traditional carnival masks. Kurents and other traditional costumes await for you in the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum at Ptuj Castle.


  1. Contemporary art

If you want to explore contemporary art and works created in the past century, pay a visit to Ptuj City Gallery, Mihelič Gallery, or any other city gallery, as well as the Dominican Monastery during the Art Stays festival.