Thriving Market Town

Middle Ages

The city saw a revival of its trade similar to the Roman era only in the 11th century, when lords of Ptuj took over the rule. “They were not only successful in the battlefield, but also proved themselves as erudite and critical supporters of art. They reinforced the town militarily, built a new castle on the remnants of the old, and long-distance trade was revived.” (Marija Hernja Masten, Staro mesto ob Dravi)

The city’s most prominent buildings were erected already in the first half of the 13th century – the fort on the castle hill, the Dominican monastery, the Minorite monastery, and the Church of St. George. Ptuj officially got its city rights in the middle of the 13th century, including the right to build a city wall, which enclosed all city buildings, both monasteries, and the castle.