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Visit Ptuj by car

The easiest way to reach Ptuj is by road, as the city lies on the crossroads of two European trunk routes: Vienna–Graz-Zagreb and Trieste–Ljubljana–Budapest. All these cities also have international airports.

Distance to some European cities:

Ljubljana: 130 km

Vienna: 280 km

Zagreb: 95 km

Budapest: 330 km

Graz: 95 km


Visit Ptuj by Train

Visiting the oldest Slovenian city by train is a simple, relaxing and pleasant experience. The train station is just a few hundred meters away from the city center.



Ptuj Railway Station

Osojnikova 2

SI-2250 Ptuj

T: +386 (0)2 292 46 28

Information about train schedules:



Visit Ptuj by bus

You can also have a carefree experience in Ptuj, if you arrive by bus. Ptuj bus station, located in close proximity of the city, is well connected with regional and international buses.



Ptuj Bus Station

Osojnikova cesta 11

2250 Ptuj

T:+386 (0)2 7711 491

+Information about bus schedules:


Some international lines of the budget bus carrier Flixbus also go through Ptuj.

For information about low-cost bus travel, go to: