XII. Rimske igre


Ptuj is a town with very rich history, with first settlers coming to this area over 6,000 years ago. Slovenia’s oldest town is celebrating a very special anniversary this year – 1,950 years since it was first mentioned in written records.

During the Roman Games, Ptuj turns into Roman Poetovio.

The city is taken over by gladiators, Roman soldiers, senators, Vestal Virgins, and other representatives of Ancient Rome, putting on one of the largest reenactments of the Roman life in this part of Europe for the tenth year in a row. Over 800 participants will be presenting the life and traditions of Ancient Rome.

XII. Roman Games - Welcome!

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Rimski kamp Poetovio, mestna tržnica
Štuki 23
2250 Ptuj

Date / 15 Aug 2019 to 18 Aug 2019
Time / 10:00:00

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