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Sights in the Surroundings

Put on a good pair of shoes and discover cultural and historical as well as natural sights of our country!


Monasteries and Monuments

The townscape of Ptuj is in the form of a triangle and besides the castle on the top of the triangle, the other two parts are :

Monuments represent the cultural heritage which is seen everywhere in Ptuj and its surroundings.



Admirers of fine arts can visit several of our galleries which house numerous exhibitions of national and foreign artists, traditional crafts and various souvenirs.



Churches represent important stops for pilgrims but also for admirers of the cultural heritage in the region.


Castles in Ptuj and its Surroundings

Numerous castles bear witness to the important role the region played in the past. Discover their secrets and if you are lucky you will meet one of the kind ghosts.


Sports & Recreation